Recollections From Myra

Provided by Myra 

As with many people my mind has been going over all the times I have shared with your Mum for many years, knowing her first as a Music School organizing Mum. She did a lot of work for that organization. as you know. In recent years I have been to concerts with her. She, and your Dad were our companions at New Wine, Werner and Bill would go to seminars together leaving Rita and me to explore our own interests (men free !!). This was when we both heard about Healing on the Streets and knew we had to do it in Stanmore, however much it might embarrass us. These fears proved unfounded but I know what physical energy Rita consistently put into SHOTS. I know how much she really loved the people who often came for prayer or a chat. They always wanted to know where she was if she wasn’t there on a Saturday morning. The few days I came up to your home, Paul, with her was a real treat for me. It was a privilege to join your family for a few days and I was so pleased to roam around Edinburgh again where I had spent five years of my life. Rita had shared with me about the family , her love for her sons , their partners and beloved Grandchildren. likewise she knew about mine. We prayed together for you all.


I could go on about our shared interests; excursions to London for exhibitions, plays, conference days visiting mutual friends, meals, discussing books  —  and more. How I will miss her!  But this is only touching my life.  I know that her interest and love was for many, many others, especially at SBC. She was loving and giving and it had the foundation of a deep faith and life of prayer. We had had conversations on doubt and topical theological / ethical topics. These did in no way shake her core beliefs and her yardstick towards  others was always based on the love Jesus showed and gave. She did likewise.  How she loved all children and young people.


On returning together from a recent funeral we, without any morbidity and with some humour even , discussed how we wanted our deaths and what sort of funeral we would like.  She was content in the knowledge of her ultimate destiny and just wanted to die in her sleep. How great that God took her fairly pain free and in the way she wanted.


I as a friend  I will continue to miss and mourn for Rita. How much more for you her beloved family and brother will miss her now and in the future.  You are her heritage.  I pray you will find and treasure her faith, hope and contentment in your lives,


With love, Myra


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