Recollections By The Stanmore Baptist Church

Contributed by members of the Stanmore Baptist Church 


“Rita is an inspiration to us all and we would all want to be like her as we approach old age.” (Rosie and Ken)

“Rita loved music and worship – she was always an encouragement and a blessing to me!” (Glyn)

“Rita, always had an encouraging word and she hosted my family & I for a Sunday lunch”

“Rita supported us so much especially our four boys, Jacob, Dylan, Eran and Aled. Such a wonderful role model. We miss you. x”   (Helen)

“What a lovely lady, she always had a smile on her face. We miss her! Playing the angels in heaven.” (Mel, Ken, Nathan and Luke)

“Rita: You have been always so Very Kind, Compassionate & Loving to Rachel . . . Each of us will Miss You”   (Rachel’s family)

“Rita made it possible for us to remain in Stanmore, and therefore at the church after we married. So far that has been an extra 25 yrs of service and involvement. Hopefully there will be many more years. Thank you Rita!” (Tony and Gill Barden)

“I remember asking Rita to pray for me & my family and being a little scared of her, but the warmth and love I felt during and after when she talked to see how everything was has always put a special spot in my heart for Rita.” (Wendy)

“A lovely person who always made us feel welcome. Rita often prayed for our family and was so nice with her comments about our daughter. We pray she is at peace now and ask that the Lord will bless her legacy and family.” (Sukhram family)

“Rita is a lovely and kind woman. Only last Sunday she called William, my husband, to tell him that if our son needs any help at all with his studies she would be happy to help and to just let her know.”

“I still can’t believe her heart has stopped beating. It is like walking past Big Ben every day at noon and hearing it chime. And then one day it doesn’t. Rita we love you with all our heart.” (Shaun)

“I’ll always remember how she always helped the young people.” (James)

“Rita, you were a bright light to us.” (Sadhna)

“Will always remember her hospitality & warmth. RIP Rita, love Liz”

“A lovely lady and a real giver of her time and talents. X”

“She always helped people and was a fabulous friend.” (Natalka)

“You radiated so much peace and love. Rest in Peace” (Olu)

“I will always remember her and how she welcomed everyone and how she helped me with my work.”


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